Property experts

As Chartered Surveyors, we are experts in appraising properties for a variety of clients for a wide variety of reasons. This could be for a dispute, legal proceedings, matrimonial, sale, letting or just because you want an independent opinion of your property.

RICS Chartered Surveyors

Rather than offer an automated on-line so called ‘free’ valuation, one of our RICS Chartered Surveyors will assess the information supplied by you online and may ask for more information to ensure you get an accurate appraisal. Particularly if you have a unique or unusual property and are able to provide us with relevant information prior to work starting. This way, you can ensure you receive a useful product at the end which is genuine value for money.

Mainland UK

We are able to offer a Mainland UK wide 48hr turnaround (24hr available at a premium) appraisal opinions on houses, commercial properties, pubs, hotels, warehouses, land and plant and machinery assets *.

Service options and fees

There is a fixed fee for this service payable prior to the report being issued. We offer 3 levels of service:

Service 1 £74.95 (plus VAT) – a desktop opinion based on research, using information supplied by yourself on the building. We will provide a range of likely realisations, subject to basic caveats on access, title etc. This will be signed by a RICS surveyor. Download an Example report here.

Service 2 £124.95 (plus VAT) – a detailed desktop opinion providing location, listed comparables (where possible), title plan (where available) and a RICS surveyor overview and reasoned explanation of opinion.  Download an Example report here.

Service 3 £249.95(plus VAT) – as per Service 2 but within 24 hours of receipt.

Next steps

You will provide us with basic information and we will then analyse this, ask for further details if required and then email confirming acceptance of an instruction. At this point we will send you an invoice and once paid, the report will be issued.

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