100% Success Rate For Landwood Property Auctions

Our last 3 online property auctions held on 23rd March, 18th April and 1st May have proven to be a great success for Landwood Property Auctions. We’ve sold all properties offered online, for a variety of clients ranging from Local Authorities, Receivers and other Insolvency Practitioners and private clients.

Success has been achieved for a range of properties, including vacant and investment residential properties, a former library, development land and a commercial investment.

We’re a full service property auction company and can offer sellers both in-room and online sales. If you’d like to know more about the online option please read below.

Online property auctions are the exciting new development for buyers and sellers. It gives both parties all the traditional benefits that auctions have always offered, together with greater flexibility. Being web based, buyer’s benefit from being able to bid from anywhere in the world and they know exactly what they need to pay to secure the property.

Seller’s benefit from the ability to:

• Set your own auction start and finish dates and not be constrained by the set closing and sale dates a traditional in-room auction has.

• Run bespoke and extended marketing campaigns that can widen the pool of potential Bidders.

• See at a glance how much interest your property is generating and once bidding starts, see how many Bidders there are and the progress of bidding.

• Truly appeal to a global audience and effectively market to and allow Bidders from any location.

• Sell properties not previously suitable for the traditional auction route.

• Pre-qualify potential bidders and make sure they have paid a deposit in advance before bidding.

• Consider conditional sales that can widen the pool of potential Bidders and reduce some of their up-front costs before accepting any bid.

• Cost effectively sell very low value properties.

• You can be satisfied that you have achieved the best price on the day by a transparent and open sales process.